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Have you ever wondered what debilitating energies have been dragging you down that has accelerated your aging process, causing you to have wrinkles and worry lines on your face?  Stresses in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual areas in your life impact and speeds up our aging process. (Eg. confusion, repressed anger, un-forgiveness, emotional terrorism, resentment, depression, personal overwhelm, work pressure, anxiety, self worth etc.)  


Energetic Facelift is a transformational light-touch technique that activates vitalizing energies to restore clarity, radiance and youthful luster to the skin. This is a deep relaxation technique that provides a deep way of letting go. What happens to the skin is a bonus as when applied regularly, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging.


Best to schedule sessions during full and new moon window to tap on to the powerful moon energies for the youthing process.


This modality is excellent to complement with the DNA mapping sessions that is also facilitated by CK Lee.


Start you youthing sessions now and schedule a session. (NB: Remote sessions are more powerful.) Book a session today




Contact CK Lee to schedule an Energetic Facelift Class in person or via Skype.

Group classes also available on demand. To facilitate and schedule a group class in your area, contact CK Lee (email: gold3nlights@gmail.com). 




Investment: $110 (45 mins)









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