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Energetic Facelift is a transformational light-touch technique that activates vitalizing energies to restore clarity, radiance and youthful luster to the skin. 


Using just the fingers to stimulate the flow of energy, a soft soothing touch to your  head face, neck, and chest releases energetic blocks in your muscles caused by stress and negative emotions allowing for a more vibrant and youthful appearance. This is a deep relaxation technique that provides a deep way of letting go. What happens to the skin is a bonus as when applied regularly, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging. This is due to the unique energetic process running that turns back the hands of time and reverses the appearance of aging by affecting the cells down to the telomeres of the DNA.


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From the heart of Africa, the ancient and sacred ritual of being with the energies of the moon and earth has been passed on. Now is the time for these ancient mysteries of youthing to be revealed once again.


THERE is one single night of the year that the energies of the moon meet with the energies of the earth in such a way that energetic and physical youthing can occur. This is the night of the Harvest Moon. 


JOIN in this sacred ceremony for turning back the clock of aging. Allow the powers of youthing to welcome you once again as it was passed on from Master Teacher to student.


This ceremony is only conducted once a year.


Contact CK Lee if you wish to particpate in the next youthing ceremony or holding a youthing ceremony at your place.