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13 DNA Atlantean Activations

“Chai Kim has a Light Score of 100% -definite conduit for Divine Light." Dr Karen Kan 
Atlantean Awakening Interview with Eram (FHTJ) - Chai Kim
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"Activations revealed how my past life in Atlantis caused my current life blockages." Theresa, Singapore

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During the Golden Age of Atlantis, a time of the highest level of consciousness, it was also seen as the time when Gods walked with Men. The Divine ancient beings from Atlantis who were known for manifesting things out of thin air, however not much has been written about these Divine Beings, as the knowledge of them was passed through an initiation or directly from them. These Divine Atlantis beings are intimately and intricately associated with our DNA, and each of them corresponds to each of our 13 DNA Strands.  Their healing energy has been kept in great pools of energy; waiting for a very long time to reconnect themselves with humanity when especially to those ready to use it to catapult to the next level.  

With each Activation, our ancient Atlantean DNA is activated in one of your 13 DNA strands. Typically in the 28 days to 13 months following this activation, the person notices astounding abilities emerging from their very core.  Keys are unlocked and ancient qualities that have been lying dormant for thousands of years become active, as well as a profound transformation within the person’s  DNA and life.


Each activation bring in waves of light within us that reach out to the auric fields of those around us, where they are able to unlock our blocked pathways and give us access to powerful healing energies.  As our aura expands it brings us into greater harmony with greater rhythm with the Universe and in turn produces potent manifestations in our life.  Our aura engages the power of synchronicity, the universal law of good fortune which draws in prosperity at all levels.

Ha’landrel has received pure new energies from these Divine Atlantean beings directly since 2017 after the March equinox, plus the powerful 13th activation and received confirmation on her connection being the purest conduit for each of these activations from the Atlantean High Healing Council.  This 13th DNA Activation is now ready to be passed down to those who are ready to receive them.  The 13th Activation has four codons instead of the normal two as in the 12 Activations. However one must have completed all first 12 Atlantean Activations to be able to receive maximum benefits of this activation as they are the foundation to allow those receiving this activation to be more empowered and self-willed making a great leap of their evolution. The 13th DNA Activation allows the reunification of masculine and feminine, of light and dark, of negative and positive, plus it brings back into unity all of the old duality elements. Connect with these amazing beings through Ha’landrel to seek the changes in your DNA and aspects of your life and witness the profound transformations.

Each of the13 Atlantean DNA Activation available:

  • 1st Activation:  Supports us in moving forward and let go of the fear of the unknown and relearning what we need to let go in the process which includes the process of forgiveness of others and self. 

  • 2nd Activation:   Helps us free ourselves from the limitations of our senses, gather all our energies, and concentrate them on the original source of life. 

  • 3rd Activation:   This Activation helps bring up a deeper knowing and awareness with our community, family, and friends around us understand how to be disciplined when we create or maintain our boundaries: key in maintaining healthy relationships with people as well as with our own body systems.

  • 4th Activation:   Helps us cope and adapt to our shifts or ascension symptoms with ease to enable us to come into a greater wholeness and wellness in our being.

  • 5th Activation:   Activation helps brings conscious recognition of our own virtues, essence, and moral principles about ourselves and how we can use it to support our life purpose.

  • 6th Activation:  Helps us ensure keep spiraling upward and forward in our journey to the next level overcoming challenges with ease.

  • 7th Activation: Helps us to re-connect to our inherent Divinity, to become more empowered and supportive of changes in our lives.

  • 8th Activation:  Helps catapult us forward, over the blockages while being focused on your own path and development as we learn to release from control issues and creating or strengthening our own boundaries.

  • 9th Activation: Helps highlight and attract the relevant people who are on the same path or situations that support us to be alignment with our soul purpose.

  • 10th Activation:  helps bring forth profound fortitude and strength on multiple levels i.e. physical, mental, emotional, spiritual to overcome life challenges.

  • 11th Activation: Helps bring clears confusion and provides greater clarity about our gifts and abilities as we tap into the knowledge, wisdom about our divine soul purpose and inherent abilities.

  • 12th Activation:  Helps with us develop and strengthen a higher sensory acuity to be more connected to your inner knowing and inner GPS system for guidance in our journey.

  • 13th Activation: brings back together all of the elements that have been in polarity within any human body and any human consciousness.  Supports us to be empowered, and self-willed as the activation allows the reunification of masculine and feminine, of light and dark, of negative and positive.

​      (NB 13th activation can only be done once all 12 activations)

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Atlantean DNA Activations are channelled energies that bring broad and intense shifts in your being. Taking all 12 has greatly transformed my aura and allowed me to reconnect with my spiritual gifts, as well as providing the support for significant life changes. CK masterfully guided me through the process, performing the activations with crystal-clear intention and power. Her continuing support and commitment have assisted me in integrating the changes with confidence and strength. “


Jeffrey, Ethics Advisor and Shamanic Practitioner, Singapore

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