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Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval

The soul resides in the heart. In order for one to have balanced heart energies that is whole to assist our inner visions with our heart’s original intent, thus bringing more equilibrium between our divine and earthly nature.  Everything around us has an origin in the Divine (the breath of life) and in matter (the earthly, the material we are made from, what surrounds us). Balance happens only when there is harmony or union between them. However as imbalance occurs it is when we, become disconnected from the oneness, the union, or the perfect balance between the divine and the matter that makes this world possible. 

The soul retrieval technique is a simple protocol to re-balance the heart energies, in most circumstances to bring back and merge all fragments back together and become whole.  Once the heart becomes, whole, this would allow the divine spark of what is deeply human to reconnect with every part of our body.  Being whole allows us to feel a sense of connection to the whole of life -- to other people, to new ideas, to the world around us. It means thinking less about 'I, me, and mine' and more about how we are all interconnected in a great web of life. It ignites a sense of caring for others and doing what one can to make the world a better place. It means recognizing that happiness arises within us independent of any external cause and removing the obstructions to that inner peace and happiness that are our birth right as human beings and as we to do so one begins to find a sense of fulfillment.

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