Additional Testimonials

“I received the Shamanic Healing Lights (SHL) from Ha’landrel for 28 days continuously from April 5th to May 1st 2012. Chai Kim is a powerfull and deeply empathic energy healer. In this time period of transformation for myself her sent CHL have been a major support to me. They have dissolved my back pains, cleared out a lot negative thought-patterns and provided greater clarity through remarkably assisting my shift from a more narrow minded perspective at that time to a broader perception. I felt very much energized and peaceful. Thank you, Chai Kim, for this extraordinary powerful and magical support in this time of transition.”

Ursula Böeckl  (Switzerland)

“I saw Ha’landrelwhen I was having migraines and it was the best thing I have done. My migraine went away in about 3 minutes.  It was just amazing!! Thank you Kim- so so much”

Mirella Debon  (Australia)

“The experience of the Whole Heart Healing session has been a life changing experience. The sessions with Ha’landrel have been compassionate, gentle, very, very safe.  I waited years for the proper person to be presented to me in a non-threatening loving way. Ha’landrel is highly gifted as a facilitator of Heart and Soul wellness activation. This is a powerful experience as it has a beautiful force of joyful healing. Please know this will be the best choice you can choose. She is phenomenal in her focus with positive results. I highly suggest you request a session with Ha’landrel.

Rev. Cathy M. Miller, USA

‘Remedia and I both received very accurate, professional Angel Card Readings from Ha’landrel. She channelled the information we needed, then gave each of us a beautiful blessing that helped our lives immensely. We both do reading and healing for a living and know a true gem when we experience it.  Thank you with all our hearts Ha’landrel”

 Richard & Shaman Remedia (Singapore)

“I had the opportunity to receive a reading from Ha’landrel and am grateful for her ability to receive guidance from the angels. She was able to clearly intuit the fear and apprehension I had that was preventing me from moving forward with my plans.  She also provided me with a Light Language grid to help me focus on the areas that needed healing.  Chai Kim is a blessing to anyone who has the privilege and the honour to work with her.”

Connie Grieves (Canada)

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