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Healing Lights Class


The Healing Lights are a set of 5 very special, mystical, and magical lights that have been passed from teacher to student through the shamans of a little-known lineage in South America. 


The Healing Lights date back hundreds of years. Each Healing Light is very different from the others, and connects to unique and multi-dimensional energies from an unique angle. The Lights can be gentle and can also run very strong. The Lights reach spaces and places in the aura and body like no other technique. Some of the types of energies that the lights work with and through include:


- Plasmic flows in the body and circulatory system

- Ectoplasmic flows in the energy field

- The flow of chi through the meridian system- Electromagnetic thought forms

- The spaces and places between the worlds, where x-factors exist and the original cause of dis-ease sometimes likes to hide- Drainage systems of the body and field

- Blueprint re-construction

- And more


The benefits of the Healing Lights are numerous. Some of the benefits reported by many who have received and/or worked with these Lights include:- Extensive support to the innate intelligence of the physical body in healing itself of almost any imbalance.

- Mental, emotional, and spiritual healing

- A simple and powerful way to clear the energies of a space and in public chaos situations.

- The ability to infuse a space with a particular energy to support the highest good of all who enter that space.


This technique is easy to learn, and once you learn it you will be able to use it on yourself and others.


Classes are available in person or via Skype.



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