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Rainbow Activations

-Colours of Our Soul



This involves powerful breathing technique that allows deep shifts within us where we connect with the specific frequencies of the rainbow colors to assist in what we need to manifest in our lives, be physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels (PEMS). Chai Kim received this initiation directly from Dr Pillai (who was previously Swami Ramalingam in his past life) and also directly from Source as channelled through Shirdi Sai Baba.



In this healing modality, we tap into the missing colours of our soul of the of light through the dimensions to create shifts within us as fast as 30 seconds. Each colour of our soul contains specific frequencies. We are all made of energy and every energy has a frequency similar to the musical keys. And those frequencies together with our own frequencies, resonate with the environment that attracts other objects and beings with similar frequencies. This principle is akin to that striking a tuning fork in a room full of various tuning forks and the tuning forks with the same frequency will simultaneously ring with the fork that was struck, even if they’re on the other side of the room! Like attracts like. These activated frequencies send out energetic vibrations as it clears stored unhealthy energy, repressed information, mishandled emotions, and pain in the physical, emotional, mental spiritual and material plane.  As we are aware Light has many facets and aspects that affect us. This process assists to bring more Light to each of us to assist in our manifestations.


As colours are also frequencies, the respective frequencies (white, purple, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red and more) works on the 7 chakras as well as our organs where the energetic vibrations would go wherever it needs to go to complete the connection to allow the shifts to happen in our lives. This process also assists in clearing stored energy, repressed information, mishandled emotions, and pain at the PEMS levels.


These modality would be for those seeking positive shifts with speech challenges (e.g. stuttering, inability to express oneself, communication), nervous system challenges, abuse (verbal, emotional, physical, mental, spiritual), connection to our soul purpose, emotional challenges (guilt, shame, resentment, anger, fear and more.)





Call to schedule the classes today in person or via Skype, where you will also receive the initiation of the Divine Breath of God.


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