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Healing Love


Basic level


In this basic skills course, you learn to heal yourself and others. Use your Third Eye to observe, control and transform energy. Love’s ability to change the emotions of anger, sadness and fear into love is emphasized. You’ll become able draw energy from any power source in the Universe, ground and protect yourself and many other highly useful skills. You also gain an understanding of how to work in the human energy system and how our Universe is ordered from an energy perspective.

This is an extremely powerful subtle energy of fine vibrations, where it is clear light energy. Healing love provides a grounded.


Advanced Level


In this advanced healing course you receive empowerments to The Source for White Light and to Emptiness –the birthplace of all energies. You’ll learn how to recharge Life Force power, retrieve and heal Souls, transform demons and black magic, work with past lives and much more. The Micro Cosmic Orbit and a simple breathing exercise turn your body into an enormously powerful energy generator for doing healing work. 


With these teachings you will be able to assist in healing in the following areas

  • Disease

  • Impacted emotions.

  • Emotional attack

  • Psychic attack

  • Entities

  • Spirits of the dead

  • Past life traumatic events



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