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Strand Healing

Example of Strands Map Location 


Have you ever wondered what your soul purpose is and your life lessons in this life time. Based on the Mayan teachings we are born with a 13 DNA Strands, where usually 2 strands are located in the body and the other 2 strands in the crown. The remaining strands are located in and around our etheric field which may cut through our physical body and at time loops itself.  This creates challenges in our life energetically e.g. anger, fear, lack of confidence, guilt, etc as well as physically such as pain in body, diseases that is carried in your genes etc.In other words, the offspring can inherit experience acquired by previous generations. In fact, they inherit the memory of those or other events.  


The DNA Strand Healing method is done by identifying the locations of the 13 strands. Once the strands are located (in the first session), you can understand the role each strand plays in your life, your relationships, your life lessons, and your soul path and its impact they have on you.  The benefits of identifying the active DNA strands within you provides vast amount of information about who you are, what your soul purpose is and the challenges that you are experiencing this lifetime.


The second part of the session includes healing and compacting the strands further into the body where the ultimate goal is to compact all the strands as close to the physical body as possible, assisting us to manufest what we choose with ease.  There is no fixed period as to how long it takes to compact the strands into our physical body however when the strand healing is done one will feel one or several of the benefits immediately.


  • allowing you to come into greater alignment with your soul’s purpose bringing us closer to the completion of our earthly incarnations.

  • reconnecting you with Divine wisdom and the universal intelligence.

  • results in faster and easier manifestation in some individuals, depending on the size and strength of the individual’s energy field.

  • bringing forward talents and aptitudes that have not yet manifested themselves.

  • allowing you to develop increased intuition and clairvoyance,

  • allows you to receive and hold SIGNIFICANTLY more light in your body — in your physical body, and also in your aura, especially the mental and emotional body.

  • allows you to hold more LOVE as the 13-strand healing enables you to be more fully present in your heart chakra (a space of more love and compassion).

  • allows you to be more fully present in ALL of your chakras as it will bring more energy to your energy field, and also increases the energy in your physical body. This results in increased physical health.

  • enables you to receive more love and light from the angels, any time that you are in a place of love and allows for a deeper connection with others.






In person or remote sessions available. Send an email to schedule a DNA Strand Healing session today.

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