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DNA Sessions

Your old human DNA is transmitting the old reality in every moment that you are unconscious and living in an exterior reality world. The moment you go inward, you change your reality. Every moment you are conscious and shifting to choose from love, you are changing your reality. As your DNA is re-coded via the mapping, re-structuring and for every human belief/system you release you are literally restructuring and anchoring inside at the sub-atomic molecular level. YOU do this, by choice and Your reality OUTSIDE reality is being transmitted from within you from the Light that you hold inside that is Divine. Your connection deepens with each activation of your Light. Sleep help with the integration and merging to occur as your realities merges as you sleep and when you awake, LOOK for the NEW. You birth this from within you. Remember YOU hold all of the power by letting go and honoring ALL that is sacred inside .... Become the architect of your own evolution and walk on the path of Spectrum Consciousness. It has been proven that we can alter our genetic pattern and remove those that no longer serves us.


As we are changing our physical and non physical attributes  one may feel certain shifts within us such as the following after any DNA sessions as follows:


 On a Physical level


  • Higher than normal fatigue

  • Feelings of anxiety, depression and panic

  • Increase in levels of emotional sensitivities

  • Irregular sleep patterns or insomnia

  • Periods of memory lapses, mental fog, confusion

  • Outburst of skin issues, tingling, itching, crawling

  • Experiencing heavy head or headaches, blurred vision, body aches

  • Challenges in digestive issues, in appetite, desire for new food or increase in certain food intolerances


On an Energtic level


  • greater alignment with your soul’s purpose bringing us closer to the completion of our earthly incarnations.

  • reconnecting you with Divine wisdom and the universal intelligence

  • faster and easier manifestation in some individuals, depending on the size and strength of the individual’s energy field

  • bringing forward talents and aptitudes that have not yet manifested themselves.

  • increased intuition and clairvoyance,

  • receive and hold SIGNIFICANTLY more light in your body — in your physical body, and also in your aura, especially the mental and emotional body

  • be more fully present in ALL of your chakras as it will bring more energy to your energy field, and also increases the energy in your physical body. This results in increased physical health.

  • a deeper connection with others.


You can change your DNA. Your DNA is getting changed every second, by every thought you have!

The DNA Healing sessions available are as follows:

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