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This is a programmed energy Vortex with a powerful focus on a specific area in your life.  The vortex would be specifically tuned to assist you bringing in specific energies to support your need.  One only needs to actively send the energy to the vortex daily to bring in the light and pull out the energy that is no longer useful for 28 days.  



You can choose a specific area of focus for your vortex be it a project, mental, physical, spiritual and emotional issues.


Suggestions for vortices are as follows:


  • Self worth

  • Success 

  • Happiness

  • Self Love

  • Inner Peace

  • Joy

  • Self -Acceptance  

  • Forgiveness

  • Confidence

  • Grace

  • Recognition

  • Motivation

  • Fortitude

  • Respect

  • Love 

  • Focus

  • Courage

  • Wisdom

  • Passion

  • Creativity

  • Trust

  • Faith

  • Vibrant Health

  • Responsibility

  • Healthy relationships and more


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