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Connection to Source

These initiations are in response to those who are ready to receive something marvelous and significant. This is an initiation of light and power are directed at those who are ready to receive the preparation for their greater purpose and calling in life.


When are we ready to receive this initiation?


  • Prepare by recognizing the truth about our life in a moment of great clarity and sobriety.

  • We take stock of where we are.

  • You recognize that you are lost in the world following the prescriptions of your culture and of those people who influence you so strongly.

  • Experience a calling that comes from deep within you, not merely something that the mind wants for the moment, not for relief from suffering only, not just to have a nicer life or a prettier set of circumstances or to fulfill your ambitions and desires. This comes from the deeper place within you, from Knowledge within you. This is the result of a deeper experience of yourself, a deeper reckoning within yourself, a deeper honesty. The desire to have a stronger connection with the Divine.


God's initiation is given to those who wish to have a stronger connection with the Divine.



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