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The Elixir of Immortality


You will receive the magical power of Amrita, the fabled ambrosia of immortality contained in Kwan Yin’s crystal chalice. You get receive the penetrating energy of the chalice that clears ignorance and defilements and Amrita, the pure power of the Goddess of Mercy.


The following initiations will also be given:


Kwan Yin: You become the Goddess of Mercy.


Kwan Yin’s Foot Lotus is pure Shakti, the finest, most basic energy in our Universe. Shakti powers Kwan Yin. You will be able to stand on the Lotus in Shakti power to create reality.


Kwan Yin’s Heart Lotus enables you to live in Kwan Yin’s blissful Love.



Schedule a session to receive the initiations in person or via Skype.

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