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13 DNA Essences  

Up until present time most individuals have worked with the 12 strands of DNA and have not yet allowed that 13th step or strand to evolve in their lives. Now as human consciousness has evolved to a higher level and ready for the next level. Each of activation brings in these essences are infused with the combined energies of the Pleaidians, Atlanteans and the Divine to support us.

These activations bring in waves of light within us that  reaches out to the auric fields of those around us, where they are able to unlock blocked pathways and give us access to powerful healing energies.  As our aura expands it brings us into greater harmony with greater rhythm with the Universe and in turn produces potent manifestations in our life.  Our aura engages the power of synchronicity, the universal law of good fortune which draws in prosperity at all levels.

Each of the activation supports each of us as we allow ourselves to tune into our own genetic codes together with the essences of your Soul to discover the truth of your Being. Usually it takes  about 28 days to 6 months following each activation, before one notices astounding abilities emerging from their very core.  Keys are unlocked and ancient qualities that have been lying dormant for thousands of years become active, as well as a profound transformation within the person’s  DNA and life.

Learn how to use these essences support us in our soul's journey.

These activations like any other healing modalities like Reiki etc. are deemed as "caught teachings” and needs to be imprinted in the students consciousness and merged with their energy field permanently. It requires being in the presence of a certified teacher, who sends the information out of their auras to each of the student’s energy fields respectively.

13 Essences  

*Purpose *Polarity *Flow *Focus *Centeredness *Balance *Soul healing *Resonance *Completion *Synchronicity *Detachment *Service *Transcendence.

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