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DNA & You

Re-coding & Divine Coding Classes 

 "Once you become aware of the fact that invisible programs from the subconscious mind are running your life, then you are responsible for it. Becoming aware means accessing the behavioral programs in your unconscious mind so that you can change the underlying limiting or self-sabotaging thoughts that don’t serve you. It’s easy to figure out the nature of your subconscious programs. Just take a look at the character of your life. It’s a printout of your subconscious programs. The things you’re having trouble with are because of that programming.” Bruce Lipton


As humans, each of us has been programmed to believe that we are victims and that they have no control of our life. We have been programmed since we were conceived with our mother and father’s beliefs and has been imprinted into our DNA.  This is imprinted as our general attitude in life that tells our DNA what kind of person each of us wants to become.  Every thought, feeling, word and action that each of us make in life is imprinted in every single cell of our body. Negative thoughts and emotions cause our DNA to contract where else positive thoughts and emotions cause it to expand and relax.  This is an ongoing process that works 24/7 from the day we were born till the day we depart from this physical plane. Each of us are the architects of our own evolution. Our DNA is a wormhole as it contains a code that when activated opens up to the core of our being. As such the DNA molecule is really a transducer of light.  The bigger the wormhole is the more Light pours in through it.  Like a torus, it both draws Light towards itself and emanates it outward.  As more light radiates through us the wormhole collapses thus revealing to us our own true Divine self which is one with All creation.


Discover how each of us can rewrite your DNA script to clear the debilitating DNA patterns that hold you back and create a healthier, wealthier, brighter future for us and our family. Chai Kim will help you connect directly with the God of your Understanding to receive all the pure Divine downloads bypassing any controlled lineage teachings that may be fueled with negative energies.


DNA  Re-Coding

  • The roles that our physical plane and light body DNA play in our lives and how they interact with each other.

  • Names for each of the 13 strands and their locations in your energy field, as well as important correspondences for each. This will provide important information as to how each strand is integrated in your body, in your life, and in connection to the whole of the universe.

  • The relationship between our DNA and our spiritual and soul lessons

  • The DNA Mapping Technique for transforming our DNA. Through mapping, you will be able to bring in more light into our DNA strand by giving it specific instructions to incorporate vitalizing energies plus remove de-vitalizing energies. 

  • A hands-on technique for identifying the various strands in our energy field that provides accelerated healing.

  • The relationship between our DNA and past lives

  • How our name affects us.


13 Essences of DNA

  • The definition of Essence DNA, what it does, and how it manifests in your body and in your life.

  • The 13-Chakra System for activating Essence DNA, including each chakra’s definition, location, and what it tells the DNA to do.

  • The 13 Subtle bodies’ names and where they send energy to the DNA.

  • The 13 vibrational words that activate DNA.

  • How to create Advanced DNA Charts for yourself and others, which transform DNA traits across the 13 strands.

  • The 13 purpose rays and how they define the DNA and you.



Divine DNA Coding

  • Empowered God form healing for DNA

  • The effect of spiritual genetic coding on family and group interactions

  • I-Ching correspondences for enlightened DNA

  • The star-based origins of human DNA

  • Divine codes within that activate and uplift

  • The sacred chemical composition of DNA

  • The effect DNA has on brain chemistry and techniques for shifting it

  • The relationship between DNA and the Hebrew alphabet

  • The relationship between chemical elements and spiritual gifts

  • The Spiral Ear Healing technique

  • 40 body points for altering DNA attributes

  • And in addition you will receive initiation/activation on the following:

    • ​13 DNA Atlantean Activations  

    • expanded healing abilities

    • psychic opening, channeling

    • dowsing

    • paranormal gifts

    • spiritual being

    • self-transcendence

    • 22 Hebrew letters to shift our DNA energies

    • etc




Classes available in private group sessions or via Skype upon request.

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