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Breath of God

The Holy Spirit is the Holy Breath or Breath of God. Life energy is in our breath and our breath is the Spirit. According to the Bible, created everything just by this breath The universe was created with God's breath i.e. the Holy Breath or the Holy Spirit. He created out of the dust an image and then He blew into the dust and there came the human being. The breath of God, the Holy Breath, is creative and has limitless powers. The breath of God is everything and through the breath you can create miracles.


No solid matter is too hard or opaque to be impermeable to the holy Breath, for its essence is transformative.  It transforms the inner structure of what may seem solid and opaque to one of porousness and permeability to Divine life.  This Divine life is more powerful than the forces that might choose to resist it.  It is more powerful than the forces that live in fear of it, created by illusion.


It is from the breath of God that we actually get our life. And so now you get the linkage of how we were created. How we were created in the image of God is because of our breath, and it is because of the breath of God coming into us.

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