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Enochian Angel Magic

We often seem to be caught in "holding patterns," practicing skills and coming to realizations about things that may seem meaningless or futile in the moment. However, these set the stage for abilities we'll have to demonstrate in future life experiences and chapters. Overcoming limitations (and impatience!) as we slowly and surely master what we have to master ensures our better Self-opportunities to show itself in the future. In other words, in our lives there is a binding force that requires we learn all we must learn before we can move on to new experiences. There are certain lessons we must master if we would grow beyond our limitations, fears, and "vain imaginings." This binding force is known in Esoteric Psychology as "The Ring-Pass-Not."



We all have a Ring Pass Not, and it shifts with each lesson we learn to apply with wisdom, intelligence, and skill. Even though it is human to be hassled by our responsibilities and limitations, these are directly related to what we are learning in expressing our Higher Self in effective ways, now and for the future.


With the Esoteric teachings from this Enochian Magic, we are able to obtain the keys to allow us to move to the next level of our spiritual evolution.

Duration: 3 hours

Individual Watchtower Activation

Available in person or Skype
Can also be done in a group upon request.


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