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Discover How To Raise Your Life To A New Exciting Level By Deploying The Awesome Powers Of The Royal Gems Healing Matrix System.





This healing system evolves from the Language of Light and was founded and developed by Joyce Stech. It  is a powerfulI and profound healing system using the colors of the Royal Gems to assist us to access to the 5th dimension, setting the foundation for access to the 7th dimensional systems. The Royal Gem Colors assists with the healing of the Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and the Material Plane.  


Royal Gem Matrix Healing System is a profound healing system using the energies of the Royal Gems. Each Royal Gem color has its own unique personality and vibration. Each of these vibrational energies are distinct and they can rewire your subtle energetic circuitry and create a new pathway that aligns you with higher dimensional reality. The Royal Gems colors come from a very Sacred place, a place of the Divine and each respective color vibration has its own distinctive quality that it loves to share and have you understand. The knowledge is limitless and the Royal Gem colors keep taking you deeper and deeper into their Realms. 



The Royal Gem colors are used for healing and manifestation at the physical, emotional. mental, spiritual and material levels. The Gem colors work by themselves and can be combined with other Royal Gem colors based on a specific system.



The reason that we fall seek is due to the lack of vibrations in our body system. We are a body of Light and if there are a defiency of the Gem Rays of Colors, it would likely result in a disease in our body. Using the colors of the Royal Gems,  they assist in restoring stability and balance in our body's energy system triggering our body's natural healing process. as the Royal Gem colors bring balance in the colors to put our bodies back in harmony.


With the Royal Gems, it helps raise our vibrations. Royal Gems healing system also involves the application of crystals or gemstones to facilitate healing. 


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Royal Gems Level 1

Royal Gems Level 2

Royal Gems Level 3 coming Soon.. to a computer near you.

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