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72 Names of God

The 72 Names of God" represent the connection between the spiritual world the physical world. Every 3-letter combination is a pipeline that connects us to a source of divine power, the light of eternity. Each name is divided into triads where each name has 3 Hebrew letters that creates sequences which acts as an index to spiritual frequencies. Looking at these letters or visualizing them in your mind even if you can’t speak or read Hebrew can connect you with those spiritual frequencies and tunes your body and soul to a higher level and start experiencing amazing miracles.


The names are very powerful as it help to open gates to other universes. When we consciously connect to these sacred names and assimilate them in our system, we can gain control over all aspects of our lives and change them for the better.

Each name carries unique qualities, designed to help us restore and cure the ills of the soul, body and mind, overcome crises, achieve abundance, joy and happiness. According to believers, all you need to do is to look at a certain name and assimilate it in your consciousness, in order to be blessed with its mighty power.


Assimilating the “72 Names” in your whole being - body, mind and spirit on a daily basis will create deep transformation in your life. The high frequencies of the 72 Names will penetrate each cell of your body and create changes at the DNA level. All you need is to tune in and practice the assimilation process with full intent.

In the teachings, you will receive suggestions for working with the letter combinations to increase the frequency of your spiritual frequency and "activate" them to create long lasting, positive changes in your life.

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