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  Healing Lights Sessions

 Healing Lights Activations


Access healing from between the worlds, regulate plasmic and ectoplasmic flows, restore your blueprint and more in this powerful session from the shamans of South America The Healing Lights date back hundreds of years. Each Healing Light is very different, as each of them heals from a unique angle and flows through different levels. These lights can be gentle and sometimes run very strong.



 Spiral Weaving


Is part of your LIGHT hanging out in the LIGHT planes, waiting to manifest fully in your life?? Often we have desires that “hang out” or create loops in the mental emotional and spiritual planes.  This technique weaves through obstacles and blockages which create flow between these planes, and eases healing and manifestation.  


In this half-hour distance session, CK Lee will weave into your energy field and life, matter into spirit and spirit into matter with this powerful technique passed on from the curanderos of Mexico.  This technique connects to the DNA and weaves the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and material planes directly through the double helix. 


It's amazing what we can do and BE when we allow our spiritual essence to manifest fully on the emotional, mental, physical and material planes.


Waves of Light

What happens when you live on only one wave? If you do not give allow the wave to flow within yourself, you cannot give it to others causing you to have nulls in your life causing energy leakages. Waves of Light attunement sessions help heal and strengthen the 7 areas in your life.


  • Balance 

  • Healing

  • Love

  • Purpose

  • Nourishment

  • Connection

  • Service


  • When love is lacking you will age quicker, desperation, lacking in goodwill and passion disappears. Immune system may be compromised

  • When nourishment disappears you will either poor appetite or gluttony leading to having low self esteem , low energy, low vitality, insomnia, low energy.

  • When healing is lacking, wounds stay open prone to injuries, living in the past, attracting disease, lose values.

  • When connection is lacking, time and energy is wasted, become forgetful, stagnation and unable to make decisions or choices, addictions may occur.

  • When purpose is lacking, we react rather than act, inability to be decisive, losing intention and have problems with discipline.

  • When service is lacking, we stop assisting others, our prayers and meditations no longer is important, diminishing in our qualities and lung problems may arise

  • When harmony is lacking, friendships disappear, become irritable, no longer being in agreements in mind, body and spirit, argumentative and out of synchronicity with life. Skin problems may arise.   

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