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DNA Recoding Service 

"It has been 28 days since we began the DNA Healing Session. Two very important compliments were received this week I want to share with you: from the Pedicurist/Manicurist - "my skin feels like baby's skin, so soft and smooth" and from the massage therapist - "my posture and alignment is the best it's ever been!" Thank You!"

Aleene Kahn, USA

"I have been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer which has spread to my liver, lungs and brain. It has been more than 2 months now since I began the intensive 12 DNA Mapping, Strand Healing and Crystal Sound therapy sessions with Ha’landrel. I wish to share the good news received at  the last medical checkup which highlighted a signifiant drop in the cancer  markers and last MRI scan could no longer detect any abnormalies in the brain. Thank you!"


Lai, Malaysia

There is a process of to recode our DNA in which we provide specific re-patterning instructions for each of the twelve strands of DNA , we re-code all 13 strands of DNA, one strand at a time. In this process we turn off the energetic codes of unwanted family traits and activate the energetic codes of desired ones. This process works for physical traits as well as for emotional, mental, behavioral, and spiritual energies we choose to shift or enhance where we identify and remove from our genetic line the unhealthy patterns and limiting decisions (diseases, lack, depression, etc.) and replace them with healthy patterns (health, wealth, happiness, wisdom, etc.)  By working consciously with your genetic code, you can work to let go of blockages, clear limitations, tap into your Divine blueprint and master your journey through this timeframe in life as gracefully as possible. Recipients of this work notice significant changes in their lives within six months of experiencing the re-patterning process. It is possible to learn how to do this process for oneself to use throughout all of the phases of one’s life.


As we re-pattern the strands and codes of our own DNA, positive changes occur within our family members as well. We are able to diffuse the energies of genetic disease and also bring forward positive family traits that have become dormant over the years. In addition if we do not like the energy of our DNA as it is, we can change it. It is important to keep in mind the Universal Laws where we create our reality and we can change our reality. This method affects the person’s genetic line upward, downward, and laterally along the timeline, reaching as far out to his blood relatives (living, dead, or not yet even born) that share 1/32 or more of the individual’s genetic make-up.

This process empowers us to stop being victims of our DNA, in spite of what modern science may have us believe. We are empowered beings capable of creating new realities for ourselves and for our loved ones. This process will assist and support you to come into equilibrium, in which many hidden gifts inside you may come to the surface as you magically transform your genetic information that changes your attitude, beliefs, personality and spiritual evolution.

This DNA  session takes at least 2 hours to complete where the 1st hour with Chai Kim via Skype or in person, to determine what you wish to remove from your DNA and what to bring in. During the session, the healing will already have begun when they have committed to do the session and also while in the presence of Chai Kim as you connect with her as you "sit" in her aura. During the second hour, she  will then be guided with the assistance of your spirit guides and Guardian Angels when coding your DNA map(s) and provide it specific instructions to let go of devitalizing attributes and bring in and/or strengthen new vitalizing or existing positive attributes, such as grace, harmony, unconditional love, cash magnetism, etc. Once the coding is completed and anchored in, a copy of the DNA map will be emailed to you.


Send me an email now to book your session today!

"Today,  I was scheduled for surgery at MUSC to have a pacemaker implanted for Sleep Apnea. Through prayers, "Ask, Believe, Receive", we sought alternative solutions through DNA Activation. Both of our insurances: Federal Blue Cross/Blue Shield & Tri-Care Prime refused to pay for the operation "experimental" [$90,000]. The Blessing, I received: an updated CPAP, a job offer that (I applied 3 years back) from Trident Tech and my self worth is now over $90,000 more. Thank You, Ha’landrel  & for the Miracles and Magic you have. "

Randy, USA

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